Accounting record program Is designed in a unified way The work of each sector .

SGL is the easiest cloud accounting program for the service sector Whether you are a lawyer, a provider of Umrah services , a provider of information technology services, or the services sector in general, where you can add a group of services that you buy or sell in detail, and advanced financial reports that support management in decision-making and the end of issuing electronic invoices.

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Managing Cust & Suppliers

creating customers and suppliers, contact numbers, tax number for each customer and supplier.

Manage Notices

Editing debit or credit notices related to customers, sales invoices or suppliers and purchase invoices in an integrated manner.

Billing Management

Creating sales invoices for services provided with the application of a set of taxes or fees as a package.

Purchase Invoices

Create purchase invoices for services provided with the application of a set of taxes or fees as a package.

Service Management

creating services provided through an easy and simple screen - the abilityto update prices for any service provided.

Creating Service Groups List

Creating a group of services related to the various activities of the activity - Price lists price.

Manage Payments

Creating receipt vouchers with different payment methods whether cash or bank returning customer receipts resulting.

Payments to Suppliers

Create payment vouchers with different payment methods (whether cash or bank distribution of payments made to suppliers.


Settings accounts tree settings preparing an integrated account tree for all accounts and cost centers in an easy way.

Permissions & Users Manag

Creating users and passwords granting or revoking permissions creating permissions.

Manage Forms & Messages

Create email and text message templates and link them to all reservation cases.