Ter7al App


Ter7al App

It is a digital organizational Management platform with an ERP system.

All these characteristics and features are according to your choices
All you have to do is choose the module you want and any feature according to the nature of your activity or its size, whether one feature, two, three, or all in a coherent and integrated manner

Ter7albooking with ter7al booking relaxes the mind.

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Manage Reservations

Creating and managing reservations, making payments, canceling them, accommodating them.

Customer and Supplier

Create and manage customers, sub-customers, room suppliers from hotels and suppliers, their account statements.

Hotel Management

Create hotels and related rooms, services, meals, views, contact numbers, price lists for each room type.

Managing & Block Purchases

Creating and managing purchase orders for hotel nights or hotel rooms, as well as creating purchase.

Management of Possibilitiess

Inquiries about the capabilities of rooms and hotels during the periods and the preparation of simplified purchase.

Sales & Price List Settings

Preparing sales terms and policies, as well as credit ceilings for customers and suppliers, and lists of room rates.

Manage Rooms & Guest

Access work, confirmations, room numbers entries, and sending aggregated lists to purchase sources.

Management of Contracts

Creating contracts and their conditions, managing access lists from creation, sending and receiving.

Block Management

The work of distributing rooms to purchasing sources within each hotel and preparing additional purchase orders.

Manage Payments

Creation of receipt or return bonds for customer receipts or payment and payment bonds for various.

Integrated Financial

Prepare a tree of accounts, accounting groups, cost centers, safes, banks, cashiers, taxes, fees, tax.

Electronic Billing & Notificat

Create tax invoices and send them to customers in PDF or XML format by e-mail, and what is related to creating debit.

Manage Permissions & Users

Create users and passwords and grant or revoke permissions.

Manage Forms & Messages

Create email and text message templates and link them to all reservation cases.

General Settings

Settings of rooms, customers, hotels, services, reservations, and setting up a domain for sending mail.

Transportation Department

Transport reservations, passenger lists, directions, means of transportation, transportation suppliers.

Manage Visas

Visa reservations, lists of travelers, preparation of travel groups, organization of site work, lists of travelers.

Management of Services

Creating services, their reservations, service packages, organizing the work of each service, preparing.

Insurance Department

Creating insurance reservations and insurance providers, preparing group monifest, objection or claims.

Marketing Platform

Establishing hotels, available rooms and price lists, managing photos, facilities, sales policies.